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Last updated on March 4, 1997

The following is a listing of the GRO Death index, mainly for the surname Finn, in the registrar's District of Castlereagh. A few additional names are also included. Districts other than Castlereagh are noted at the far right of the entry.

General Register Office, Dublin; INDEX of DEATHS 1865-1899
Surname: FINN (unless otherwise indicated)

[No Finn entries]1865
[No Finn entries]1866
Thady Finn401867-1979
Thomas Finn71867-985
Annie Maria Finn01868-1975
Michael Finn781868-9102
Pat Finn01868-4104
[No Finn entries]1869
John Finn701870-4109
Honor Finn701871-996
Margaret Finn721871-995
Michael Finn431872-4125
Patrick Fox331872-1993
Anne Finn01873-9114
Bridget Finn841873-9113
Bridget Finn561874-1474
Pat. Fox01875-4126
Mary Finn291876-1474
Mary Finn431876-1993
Catherine Finn281877-1983
Thomas Finn018831489
Michael Finn35188324117
Michael Finn16188324118
Onney Finn1318833481
Margaret Finn72188814111
Mary Finn5018892499
Martin Finn6018902480
Pat. Finn7018902494
Catherine Finn1818903484
John Finn218904478
Edward Finn5618911489
Edward Finn6818912491
Mary Finn6218912491
Kate Finn2018923463
Henry Finn6618931495
Michael Finn2818934479
Betty Finn7018941498
Pat. Finn61189414111
Honor Finn018942490
[No Finn entries]1895
Patrick Finn2718961479
Bridget Finn5218962472
Thomas Finn7418963--
[No Finn entries]1897
Edward Finn7218982499
Catherine Finn6018992478
Thomas Finn6518992478

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