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Thomas Francis Welch
Birth Date:   Nov 1908 
Birth Place:   Middletown, New Jersey 
(1910 U.S. Census for New Jersey)
Death Date:   26 Apr 1966 
(Red Bank Daily Register Obit)
Obit Info:
      Place of death-Riverview Hospital, Red Bank, NJ
      Age at death-57 yrs
      Residence-54 Chapel Hill Rd., Middletown, NJ
      Wife-Elizabeth McSwiney
      Cemetery-Mount Olivet, Middletown, NJ
      Father-Thomas F. Welch of Belford, NJ
      Mother-Margaret Finn from Ireland
Father's Name:   Thomas Welch 
(1910 U.S. Census)
 Mother's Name:   Margaret Finn 
(1910 U.S. Census)
Spouse:  Elizabeth McSweeny 
Marriage Date:  <1938 
(Family Info from Daughter Margaret "Peggy" Welch)
 Siblings:  Michael "Bud" Welch (b. 1910)
Mary Catherine Welch (b. Jan 1913)
Margaret Welch (b. Dec 1913)
Patrick Edward Welch (b. 1916)
Theresa Welch (b. 1920)
Bernard Welch (b. 1921)
John Thomas Welch (b. 1924)
William "Bill" Welch (b. 1927)
James Welch (b. 1932)
Joan Welch (b. 1938) half sister
 Children:  Margaret "Peggy" Welch (b. 1938)
Kathyrn "Kay" Welch (b. 1939)
Thomas Francis "Tim" Welch III (b. 1940)
William "Billy" Welch (b. 1943)
 Additional Info:
Thomas age 1yr 6mos was enumerated with his parents in the 1910 U.S. census.
Thomas age 6yrs was enumerated with his parents in the 1915 N.J. census.
Thomas age 11yrs was enumerated with his parents in the 1920 U.S. census.
Thomas age 21yrs was enumerated with his parents in the 1930 U.S. census.
Thomas age 32yrs was enumerated with his wife Elizabeth & two daughtersin the 1940 U.S. census.

Thomas was a plumber and somehow he lost an eye associated with his work.  After that he worked
on Haskell's farm doing land maintenance.  I also worked on the farm and assisted Frank for my
first two years after graduation from high school.