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Margaret C. Welch
Birth Date:   28 Dec 1913 
Birth Place:   Middletown, New Jersey 
(Funeral home memorial card & verbal from brother Billy Welch)
Baptism Date:   unknown 
Death Date:   12 Aug 1996 
(John Day Funeral Home Memorial card)
Father's Name:   Thomas Welch 
(1915 NJ State, 1920 & 1930 U.S Census and NYC Marriage Record)
 Mother's Name:   Margaret Finn 
(1915 NJ State, 1920 & 1930 U.S Census and NYC Marriage Record)
Spouse:  Owen McDermott 
Marriage Date:  16 Sep 1934 
(LDS NYC Marriage Record)
Marriage Record Details:
      Place of Marriage-Manhattan, NY
      Groom-Owen McDermott
            Status: Single
            Age: 28
            Birthplace: Ireland
            Father: Michael McDermott
            Mother: Ellen Connolly
      Bride-Margaret C. Walch (Welch)
            Status: Single
            Age: 20
            Birthplace: Red Bank, NJ
            Father: Thomas F. Welch
            Mother: Margaret Finn
 Siblings:  Thomas "Frank" Welch (b. 1908)
Michael "Bud" Welch (b. Jan 1910)
Mary Welch (b. Dec 1913)
Patrick Edward Welch (b. 1916)
Theresa Welch (b. 1920)
Bernard Welch (b. 1921)
John Thomas Welch (b. 1924)
William "Bill" Welch (b. 1927)
James Welch (b. 1932)
Joan Welch (b. 1938) half sister
 Children:  Margaret E. McDermott (b. 1936)
Owen Jr. McDermott (b. 1938)
 Additional Info:
Margaret was listed in the obit for her brother Patrick as living in Brooklyn, NY with
her husband Owen McDermott.

The 1940 U.S. census has Owen and Margaret enumerated on 40 Granite St. in Brooklyn, NY
with two children Margaret & Owen and her brother Bernard Welsh.

With the exception of the two children all of the above enumerated indicated they were
living at the same address in 1935.