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Florence Argento
Birth Date:   25 Sep 1887 
Birth Place:   Italy 
(Social Security Death Index)
Baptism Date:   unknown 
Death Date:   Aug 1980 
(Social Security Death Index)
Father's Name:   Giuseppe Argento 
(Family Info & direct contact with ancestor)
 Mother's Name:   Anna Bandini 
(Family Info & direct contact with ancestor)
Immigration Date:  1890
1900 U.S. Federal Census
Spouse1:  Anthony Savoy 
Marriage Date:  26 Nov 1902 
(Wayne County, Michigan Marriage Record)
      -- Marriage Record Data --
      License Date: 10 Nov 1902
      Marriage Date: 26 Nov 1902
      Groom Name Anthony Savoy
      Groom Residence: Detroit
      Groom Birth Place: Italy
      Groom Age: 28
      Groom Father: John Savoy
      Groom Mother: Magdaline Tomassona
      Bride Residence: Detroit
      Bride Name: Flora Argent
      Bride Birth Place: Italy
      Bride Age: 17
      Bride Father: Joseph last name unknown
      Bride Mother: unknown
      Married by: Rector Francis Beccherini
      Witnesses: Michele Cirino & Clara Bant
            both from Detroit, Michigan
Spouse2:   Peter Romanello 
Marriage Date:  19 Jun 1916 
(State of New York Marriage Record)
      -- Marriage Record Data --
      Marriage Date: 19 Jun 1916
      Marriage Place: Borough Hall of Brooklyn, N.Y.C.
      Groom Name: Peter Romanello
      Groom Residence: 330 Leonard St., N.Y.
      Groom Age: 36
      Groom Occupation: Chauffeur
      Groom Birth Place: Potenzo, Italy
      Groom Father: Pasquel
      Groom Mother: Lillian St. Lini
      Groom # of Marr.: Second
      Bride Name: Flora Argent
      Bride Residence: 57 Stillman St., N.Y.
      Bride Age: 32
      Bride Birth Place: Brooklyn Boro, N.Y.C.
      Bride Father: Joseph
      Bride Mother: Anna Bandini
      Bride # of Marr.: First
      Witnesses: Bernard Nolan
Spouse3:  Robert Mauser 
Marriage Date:  unknown 
(Family Info & direct contact with ancestor)
 Residence:  1900: 31892 or 31842 Wilkins St., Wayne Co., Detroit, Michigan (1900 Census)
1909: 117 Centre Ave, Toronto, Ont., Canada (Witness to birth of Vito Sanseverino on 7 Sep 1909)
1915: 2449 Third Ave., Bronx, New York w/Peter (1915 N.Y. State Census)
1920: 330 Leonard St., Greenpoint, Brooklyn, N.Y. (1920 Census)
1927-1932: 800 Pine Street, Union Beach, N.J. (Deed - 2 tracts of land)
1936-1980: 7th & Pine St., Union Beach, N.J.
 Siblings:  Josephine Argent (b. 1892)
Vincenza (Julia) Argent (b. 1894)
Anthony J. Argent (b. 1896)
Sadie Argent (b. 1897)
 Children:  (see Additional Info below)
 Additional Info:
The marriage record for Peter & Flora indicates that she was “single” at the time of this marriage.
My mother & her brother Fred remembers hearing that Flora was married before Peter Romanello, It
Wasn't talked about much & the feeling was that it was an unhappy marriage & may not have lasted long.
I eventually found this first marriage record to Anthony Savoy in Detroit Michigan.  Flora Savoy was
listed as the witness to the birth of Victor (Vito) Sanseverino in Toronto, Canada on Sep 1909 & was
living at 117 Centre Ave at the time.

Flora and Peter got along well together.  My mother remembers Aunt Flora telling her that she couldn’t
have any children, so they adopted a daughter.  The daughter was raised from a baby up to the age of
near 20 Yrs (this info is all verbal and none of it has been proven with documents).  She disappeared
and was never heard from.  There is a daughter named Margarette who is enumerated with Peter & Flora
in both the 1915 N.Y. State Census & the 1920 U.S. Federal Census for N.Y.

Peter and Flora owned a candy store in Brooklyn, N.Y.  They would come to Union Beach to their summer
cottage which later became their place of permanent residence when they sold the candy store and moved
out of Brooklyn.

The 1920 census lists a record for Peter Romanellia, married to Flora in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, living
at 330 Leonard St.  This record lists 5 children enumerated with Peter and Flora.  At present it is
assumed these children are adopted or were foster children! 
Margaret	age 16 (b. 1904)	Born in Michigan
Millie	        age 14 (b. 1906)	Born in Michigan
Grace	        age 12 (b. 1908)	Born in New York
Tony	        age 10 (b. 1910)	Born in New York
Peter	        age  8 (b. 1912)	Born in New York

Flora registered for Social Security on Sep 25, 1940.  The registration indicates she was living at
7th & Pine St. in Union Beach at the time and was working for LaParee Undergarment Co.  She gave her
age as 48 and indicated she was born on Sep 25, 1892 in Detroit, Michigan.  This age and birth
information obviously doesn’t agree with other documented records obtained on Flora.

A Deed showing the transfer of Peter & Flora’s holdings, dated June 10th, 1974 indicates that she and
Peter purchased two tracts of land in Union Beach.  One tract identified as lot 19 was purchased from
John P. & Mary Tremel on May 18, 1932 and the second tract identified as lots 20 & 21 was purchased
from Helen Harris on January 29, 1927.