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Giuseppa "Josephine" Argento
Birth Date:   Mar 1892 
Birth Place:   Detroit, Michigan 
(1900 U.S. Federal Census)
Baptism Date:   26 Mar 1892 
(St. Vincent's Church Baptism Record)
      -- Record Info --
      Child: Josephine Argent
      Date: 26 Mar 1892
      Father: Joseph Argent
      Mother: Mariae Argent (why Mariae??)
      Sponsor1: Antonio Antoniolin <= surname hard to read
      Sponsor2: Maria Dueelette <= surname hard to read
      Official: Jls Doherty
Death Date:   1964 
(Obit listing in the Detroit Free Press)
* * * Obit info * * *
      Obit date: 16 Feb 1964
      Name of deceased: Josephine Serino
      Mother of the following...
            Victor of Seattle
            Mrs. Patricia Zinert of Forestville, Mich
            Mrs. Ann Harbison
            1 Brother (Anthony Argent)
            2 Sisters (Florence & Sadie)
      Funeral Home
            Services Tuesday at 9:30AM from
            A.H. Peters Funeral Home
            20705 Mack Ave at Verneir Rd (8 mile),
            Grosse Pte. Woods, Mich.
            and 10:00AM at St. Joan of Arc Church
Father's Name:   Giuseppe Argento 
(Family info & direct contact with Josephine's Sister Flora)
 Mother's Name:   Anna Bandini 
(Family info & direct contact with Josephine's Sister Flora)
Spouse:   Dominico Sanseverino 
Marriage Date:  25 Nov 1908 
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada Marriage Record)
      -- Record Info --
      Marriage Date: 25 Nov 1908
      Groom: Dominico Santeverino
      Groom Age: 23
      Groom Residence: Toronto
      Groom Father: Vito Grazio
      Groom Mother: Canodiferro Patana
      Bride: Giuseppnia Dargento
      Bride Age: 19
      Bride Residence: Toronto
      Bride Father: Giuseppe
      Bride Mother: Anna Bandino
      Witnesses: Antonio and Carmela Merucci of Toronto
 Residence:  1900: Wilkins St., Wayne Co., Detroit, Michigan (1900 census)
1908: Toronto, Canada (Toronto, Canada Marriage Record)
1912: 90 Centre Ave., Toronto, Canada (1912 Toronto city directory)
1915: Josephine's border crossing record showing her return to Detroit in 1915.
1920: 1276 Hamilton St., Detroit, Michigan (1910 U.S. census).
1930: 5266 Harding St., Detroit, Michigan (1930 U.S. census).
1940: 5266 Harding Ave., Detroit, Michigan (1940 U.S. census).
 Siblings:  Flora Argent (b. 1887)
Vincenza (Julia) Argent (b. 1894)
Anthony J. Argent (b. 1896)
Sadie Argent (b. 1897)
Victor Sanseverino (7 Sep 1909 in Canada)
Lena Sanseverino (1913 in Canada)
Joseph Sanseverino - died at age 25 days (Apr1914 in Canada)
Joseph Sanseverino (1915 in Canada)
Annie Sanseverino (1917 in Michigan)
 Additional Info:
While my wife was discussing the contents of the 1920 Detroit, Michigan census with my mother, she happened
to mention an entry at the bottom of the census for a Sanseverino.  My Mother immediately mentioned that
she had heard that name mentioned in the family before.  A careful review of the names revealed that this
entry was the enumeration for Dominick Serino and his wife Josephine with their 4 children.  It appears
that the name was originally Sanseverino and was changed to Serino at a later time.

While doing research in the Toronto Research Library of the Toronto city directories, a search of all
occupants on Centre Ave in 1912 revealed a Dominick Serino residing at 90 Centre Ave.  Dominick was listed
as a Teamster.  It is interesting to note that Joseph Pombiere was listed as living at 143 Centre at the
same time, and prior to this Joseph lived at 113 Centre Ave from at least 1909 (date of marriage) until
1911 (city directory).

From the 1920 Detroit, MI census, it was revealed that the first 3 children of Dominick Serino and Josephine
Argent, were born in Canada.  This information ties in with the observation of the Dominick Serino in the
1912 Toronto city directory.  Due to the children’s ages, this would put Dominick and Josephine in Toronto
at least between the years of 1909 up to some part of 1915.  The 1920 Detroit census indicates that they
immigrated into the U.S. from Canada in 1915.

I should point out that while the obit was posted in a Detroit newspaper and the funeral services were held
in Michigan, this obit does not mention where Josephone was living at the time of death and at the present 
time I have not found a confirmed city or state death record for Josephine.