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Anthony Argento
Birth Date:   15 Feb 1896 
Birth Place:   Detroit, Michigan 
(Michigan Certificate of Birth)
Baptism Date:   19 Feb 1896 
(St. Vincent's Church, Detroit, MI - Cert. of Baptism)
      Father: Joseph Argent
      Mother: Anna Bandini
      Residence: Detroit, Michigan
      Date 15 Feb 1896
      Official: Rev J. G. Doherty
      Sponsors Gustavo Lorenzo & Maria Morossella
Death Date:   Nov 1970 
(Funeral Home Memorial Card)
Father's Name:   Giuseppe Argento 
(Michigan Certificate of Birth)
 Mother's Name:   Anna Bandini 
(Michigan Certificate of Birth)
Spouse1:  Evelyn Smith 
Marriage Date:  14 Jan 1919 
(Lucas County, Ohio Marriage Certificate)
* * * Record Info * * *
Marriage Date: 14 Jan 1919
Marriage Official: James Austin Jr., Judge Municipal Court
Marriage Place: Lucas County, Ohio
Groom: Tony Argent
Groom Age: 22
Groom's Father: Jos. Argent
Groom's Mother: Annie
Groom's Residence: Detroit, Michigan
Groom's Birth Place: Detroit, Michigan
Groom's Occupation: Shipping Clerk
Groom's Status: First Marriage
Brode: Evelyn Smith
Bride Age: 22
Bride's Father: Michael Smith
Bride's Mother: Jennie Mohr
Bride's Residence: Detroit, Michigan
Bride's Birth Place: Detroit, Michigan
Bride's Occupation: Box Maker
Bride's Status: First Marriage
Spouse2:   Sophie Victoria Warchol 
Marriage Date:  11 Feb 1931 
(Union Beach, New Jersey Certificate of Marriage)
      -- Marriage Record Info --
      Marriage Date: 11 Feb 1931
      Groom: Anthony Joseph Argent
      Groom Residence: 7th St. & Pine St. Union Beach, N.J.
      Bride: Sophie Victoria Warchol
      Bride Residence: 318 E. 34th New York City
      Witnesses: Peter and Flora Romanello of Union Beach, N.J.
      Official: Charles A. Spirlmann
 Residence:  1900: 318 1/2 Wilkins St., Detroit Michigan (1900 census)
1910: 230 Bonton St. Detroit Michigan (1910 census)
1917: 1298 Hamilton St. Michigan (WWI draft registration)
1920: 3089 McDougall St. Detroit Michigan (1920 census)
1928: 5255 Harding Ave. Detroit Michigan (1928 Detroit City Dir.)
1930: 318 East 34th st., N.Y. City (1930 census)
1931: 7th St. & Pine St. Union Beach, N.J. (2nd Marriage Record)
1940: 1097 Second Ave., Manhattan, N.Y.C. (1940 census)
1958-1970: 607 Aumack Ave., Union Beach, N.J (Direct contact with ancestor)

The 1930 census enumerates Evelyn Argent living with her cousin Frank Serino in Detroit
Michigan. She working as a servant in a private home.
 Siblings:  Flora Argent (b. 1887)
Josephine Argent (b. 1892)
Julia Argent (b. 1894)
Sadie Argent (b. 1897)
 Children:  Joseph Argent (b. 1933)
Anna Argent (b. 1940)
 Additional Info:
In Anthony's WWI draft registration card, the following info was available...
Registration Date: 6/5/17
Birth: Feb 15 1896
Residence: 1298 Hamilton St, Mich.
Place of Birth: Detroit, Mich.
Occupation: Shipping Clerk, Michigan Drug Co., Detroit
Status: Single

The 1930 census has Evelyn enumerated with her cousin Frank Serino.  Her Status is Married,
and there are no children enumerated with her.  Her occupation is listed as Servant in
a private home.

The 1930 census has Anthony enumerated with his father in New York City with an occupation
of Handy Man for New York Telephone.