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Sadie Argento
Birth Date:   1 Nov 1898 
Birth Place:   Detroit, Michigan 
(Michigan State Birth Record)
-- Record Info --
Child Name: Sanda Argent
Child Father: Joseph Argent
Child Mother: Annie Argent
Father Birthplace: Italy
Mother Birthplace: Italy

Death Date:   24 Feb 1970 
*(Find-a-grave headstone info)
*** Headstone info ***
      Name: Sadie Aquila
      Birth: 1 Nov 1898
      Death: 24 Feb 1970 (aged 71)
      Burial: Long Island National Cemetery
      Cemetery Addr: East Farmingdale, Suffolk Co., New York
      Plot: 0,34418
*** Adjacent Plot ***
      Name: Thomas Aquila
      Birth: 31 May 1888
      Death: 3 Jul 1943
      Burial: Same as above
      Cemetery Addr: Same as above
      Plot: 0,34419
Father's Name:   Giuseppe Argento 
(Michigan State Birth Record)
-- see data source recorded for Sadie's birth --
 Mother's Name:   Anna Bandini 
(Michigan State Birth Record)
-- see data source recorded for Sadie's birth --
Spouse:   Thomas Aquilla 
Marriage Date:  18 May 1920 
(State of Michigan Marriage Record)
      -- Record Info --
      License Date:14 Apr 1920
      Marriage Date: 18 May 1920
      Groom Name: Thomas Aquila
      Groom Age: 26
      Groom Residence: Detroit, Michigan
      Groom Birth Place: Italy
      Groom Occupation: Factory Work
      Groom Father: Joseph
      Groom Mother: Jessie Martine
      Bride Name: Sadie Argent
      Bride Age: 21
      Bride Residence: Detroit, Michigan
      Bride Birth Place: Michigan
      Bride Father: Joseph
      Bride Mother: Anna Bandina
      Official: Rector, Francis Beckerini
      Witnesses: Elton and Carmela Brait both of Detroit
 Residence:  1898 Nov - Detroit, Michigan
1900 Jun - 318 1/2 Wilkins St., Detroit, Michigan
1910 Apr - 230 Bonton St., Detroit, Michigan
1920 Jan - 1298 Hamilton St., Detroit, Michigan
1920 May - Detroit, Michigan
1930 Apr - 5604 Waldron St., NYC, New York
1940 Apr - 108-36 49th Ave., NYC, New York
 Siblings:  Florence Argento (b. 1886)
Josephine Argento (b. 1892)
Vincenza Argento (b. 1894)
Anthony Argento (b. 1896)
 Children:  Ellenore Aquila (b. 1921)
Albert Aquila (b. 1923)
Norma Aquila (b. 1926)
Edward Aquila (b. 1927)
Daniel Aquila (b. 1938)
 Additional Info:
* Using Find-A-Grave a cemetery plot was found for Thomas Aquila at plot # 0,34419.  A
search in the same cemetery found Sadie Aquila at plot # 0,34418 which based upon the
two plot numbers are adjacent plots.  I think it is safe to assume that these two plots
are husband and wife.