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Patrick Crean
Birth Date:   1838 
Birth Place:   Tibohine, Co. Roscommon, Ire 
(Birth year based on year of Baptism)
See Loughglynn RC Baptism Record directly below
Baptism Date:   16 Jul 1838 
(Loughglynn RC Baptism Record)
*** Information in Record ***
      Name of Infant: Patrick Crane
      Father: Michael Crane
      Mother: Maria Corcoran
      Sponsors: Martin Crane & Brigeda Kelly
Death Date:   unknown 
Father's Name:   Michael Crane 
 Mother's Name:   Mary Corcoran 
Spouse:  unknown 
Marriage Date:   
 Siblings:  Bridget Crean (c. 1850)
Catherine Crean (c. 1853)
Mary Crean (c. 1855)
John Crean (c. 1857)
Michael Crean (c. 1860)
 Additional Info:
It should be pointed out that the surname spelling in the baptism record for Patrick
and his father was the variant spelling of "Crane".  In this record the spelling of
"Crean" has been used so that my sorting routines will keep the family displayed