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Joseph Daly
Birth Date:   1826 
Birth Place:   Kilmurry, County Monaghan 
From the Book "History of the O'Dalys" and his GRO death record.
Death Date:   06 Nov 1903 
(GRO Civil Death Record)
      Art Daly-present at death
      from Kilmurry
Registration date:
      8 Jan 1904
Father's Name:    unknown 
 Mother's Name:    unknown 
Spouse:   Bridget Shevlin 
Marriage Date:  Unknown 
(from the Inniskeen Parish Baptismal records for their children)
 Residence:  Kilmurry, County Monaghan, Ireland
 Siblings:  *Catherine Daly (b. abt1846)
 Children:  Thomas Daly (b. 1855)
Patrick Daly (b. 1857)
Joseph Daly (c. 1859)
Mary Daly (b. 1860)
Catherine Daly (c. 1863)
Arthur Daly (b. 1864)
James Daly (c. 1866)
Anna Daly (b. 1869)
Helen Daly
Bridget Daly (b. 1874)
 Additional Info:
My Grandmother, Bridget Daly was married in 1913 in New Jersey and one of the witnesses for
her marriage was a Margaret Kendelan.  I was able to find Margaret in the U.S. census and 
eventually discovered she was the daughter of a Peter Daly born in Ireland who was living in
Saugerties, New York.  Based upon the Census data for Peter he would have been born about 1836
and could have a relative of my Joseph making Margaret a 1st cousin (very speculative at best).

* Pertaining to the single entry of Catherine Daly in the "Siblings" field - the book
"Melancholy Madness" by Michelle McGoff contains information regarding the imprisonment of
Joseph Daly and in it she indicates that Joseph's sister Catherine Farrell was one of the
people who came to visit Joseph while he was in jail.  Joseph began his prison sentence on 
March 1883 at Mountjoy Prison, Dublin and was released 7 years later from Downpatrick Prison 
on 21 Jan 1890.

Joseph was enumerated in the 1901 Ireland census at his home in Kilmurry living with his son