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Bridget Kelly
Birth Date:   abt 1794 
Birth Place:   Fairymount, County Roscommon, Ireland 
The birth Date was calculated based on the year of birth for
Bridget's first child Mary born in 1820. It is assumed that
her marriage would have been in the previous year of 1819.
Historically my female ancestors were married at an average age
of 25 years, so that would place her birth to be about 1794 plus
or minus!
The Birth Place was obtained from the birth records for her children
Mary & Patrick which listed their residence as Fairymount.
Baptism Date:   unknown 
Death Date:   unknown 
Father's Name:   See  
 Mother's Name:   See  
Spouse:   Patrick Corcoran 
Marriage Date:  abt 1819 
The date of this marriage was calculated.
See the explanation provided in "Birth Place" above.
 Residence:  1820-1840: Fairymount, Tibohine, County Roscommon
 Children:  Mary Corcoran (b. 1820)
Elizabeth Corcoran (b. 1822)
Bernard Corcoran (b. 1824)
James Corcoran (b. 1825)
Catherine Corcoran (b. 1830)
Patrick Corcoran (b. 1833)
Honor Corcoran (b. 1835)
Martin Corcoran (b. 1837)
John Corcoran (b. 1840)
 Additional Info:
There are no records to support the names of Bridget's parents, however based on the Irish traditionsl
naming patterns used for their children, the child's maternal grandfather's name would be given to the
second male child which was James, and the child's maternal grandmother's name would be given to the
first female child which was Mary.