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Honor Finn
Birth Date:   13 Aug 1870 
Birth Place:   Lisduff, Tibohine, Co Roscommon, Ire. 
(Ireland GRO Civil Birth Record)
  Patt Finn - Father
  from Lisduff
  23 Aug 1870
Baptism Date:   unknown 
Death Date:   1883 
(LDS death index)
Father's Name:   Patrick Finn 
(Ireland GRO birth record)
 Mother's Name:   Mary Sharkey 
(Ireland GRO birth record)
Spouse:  never married 
Marriage Date:  died age 13 
 Residence:  Lisduff Co. Roscommon
 Siblings:  Michael Finn (b. 1869)
John Finn (b. 1872)
James Finn (b. 1875)
* Patrick Finn (b. 1878)
* Mary Ann Finn (b. 1880)
* Margaret Finn (b. 1884)
* Henry Finn (b. 1887)
* Thomas Finn (b. 1888)
* Bridget "Delia" Finn (b. 1891)
* Edward "Ned" Finn (b. 1893)
 Children:  none
 Additional Info:
* These siblings of Honor were half-brothers and half-sisters  from her father's 
(Patrick Finn) second marriage to Kate Crean.

The GRO birth record for Honor spelled her mother's name as "Sharky".  Most of the Irish
records have her name recorded as "Sharkey" which is what I have used in this record in
an effort to keep the family sorted/grouped together.