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Raffaele Tarantino
Birth Date:   1838 
Birth Place:   Modugno, Italy 
(Obtained from Italian Death Record)
Death Date:   26 Feb 1895 
(Italian death Record)
Father's Name:   Giuseppe Tarantino 
(Italian Death Record for Raffaele)
 Mother's Name:   Stella Piccininni 
(Italian Death Record for Raffaele)
Spouse:   * Irene Toriano 
Marriage Date:  unknown 
(Italian Birth Records for her children and strong family input)
And detailed family stories from Nunzia Cotrone.
 Residence:  Modugno, Italy
 Siblings:  Francesco Tarantino (b. 1829)
Giuseppe Rocco Tarantino (b. 1833)
 Children:  Maria Piramide (b. 1863)
Francesco Toriano (b. 1865)
Anna Cristallino (b. 1872)
Giuseppe Pompieri (b. 1883)
 Additional Info:
* There is much more that needs to be said for the records that are referenced here.  I will keep it
as short as possible and state that many, many thanks have to go out to my cousin Giacomo Toriano who
was also researching this family line over in Italy.  Giacomo found my web site on-line and contacted me
by email and provided all of the Italian "Tarantino" & "Toriano" research data that is documented here.
At the time of this contact Giacomo and I were most fortunate that one of Giacomo's ancestors was still
alive (Nunzia Cotrone), and she provided us with a wealth of information relating to our common 
ancestors who were born in Italy.  Nunzia passed away in 2014 but her recollections and family stories
still guide us towards finding new records on a continuing basis.