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Irene Toriano
Birth Date:   1844-1845 
Birth Place:   Modugno, Bari, Italy 
Death Date:   1 Aug 1910 
(Irene's death record from Commune di Modugno)
Father's Name:    unknown 
 Mother's Name:    unknown 
Spouse:   Raffaele Tarantino 
Marriage Date:  unknown 
Detailed family information from Nunzia Cotrone
 Residence:  Modugno, Bari, Italy
 Children:  Maria Piramide (b. 1863)
Francesco Toriano (b. 1865)
Anna Cristallino (b. 1872)
Giuseppe Pompieri (b. 1883)
 Additional Info:
Based upon information supplied by Nunzia Cotrone, we know that Irene Toriano and Raffaele
were the parents of the four children documented in this record.  There is also birth
records that have been retrieved that document the four children above.  Unfortunately so
far we have been unable to find any record of her birth or any record of a marriage to
Raffaele.  Up until my cousin Giacomo Toriano in Italy made contact with me, everyone in
Giuseppe Pompieri's family believed that Giuseppe was an orphan.  Even though he provided
the names of his parents in his marriage record, everyone believed that he made the names
up.  (See additional information for Raffaele Tarantino)