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Anna Bandini
Birth Date:   Mar 1863 
Birth Place:   Italy 
(1900 U.S. Census)
Death Date:   13 Jul 1925 
Father's Name:   Vincent Vemalonie 
(from Anna's death certificate)
 Mother's Name:   Julia unkknown 
(from Anna's death certificate)
Immigration Date:  1890
(1900 U.S. Census)
Naturalization Date:  1896
(1920 U.S. Census)
Spouse:   Giuseppe Argento 
Marriage Date:  1884 
(1900 U.S. Census)
Most likely in Italy as 1st child born in Italy
 Residence:  1890-1925 Detroit, Michigan
 Siblings:  unknown
 Children:  Florence Argento (b. 1886)
Josephine Argenti (b. 1892)
Vincenza Argenti (b. 1894)
Anthony Argent (b. 1896)
Sadie Argent (b. 1897)
 Additional Info:
Joseph Serino (Sanseverino) was the informant for Anna's death record.  I have never
seen Josephine's Husband referred to as "Joseph" he is always listed as Dominic.
Josephine & Dominic did have a son named Joseph, but he would have been 10 years old
at the time of Anna's death...I'm not sure about this "Joseph".