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Michael Finn
Birth Date:   1790 
Birth Place:   Grallagh, Co Roscommon, Ire 
(GRO Civil Death Record)
  Age at death listed as 78 Yrs
Death Date:   18 Mar 1868 
(GRO Civil Death Record)
      Patrick Finn-present at death
      from Grallagh
Deceased age at death:
      78 yrs
Address at death:
Marital status at death:
Father's Name:    * see additional info below 
* see additional info below
 Mother's Name:    * see additional info below 
* see additional info below
Spouse:   Margaret Callaghan 
Marriage Date:  <1819 
(Based upon the birth of their first child)
 Residence:  1819-1830 Grallagh, Co. Roscommon
1835-1868 Lysgarrow (alias Lisduff) Co. Roscommon
Death is listed in Grallagh however Michael may have moved in
with one of his sons
** see additional info below
 Children:  Thomas Finn (b. 1819)
Honor Finn (b. 1822)
Edward Finn (b. 1824)
Michael Finn (b. 1826)
Henry "Harry" Finn (b. 1827)
Luke Finn (b. 1830)
Patrick Finn (b 1835)
Margaret Finn (b. 1836)
 Additional Info:
* In the British Isles Vital Records Index (Second Edition) from the LDS, there is an entry for the marriage of a
Thomas Finn to Elizabeth McHugh on 11 Feb 1793.  This Thomas could be Michael's father for the following reasons:
It is believed that Michael was born around 1790 and the marriage of Thomas is in proximity to this date
The marriage record for Thomas lists his father as Michael.  If my Michael was the first born male to Thomas, he
would most likely have been named after his grandfather (Michael).

My Michael named his fist male child Thomas which if he followed the normal tradition of naming the first male
after the child's grandfather would indicate that Michaels father was Thomas Finn.  Of course all this "normal 
naming" convention is nice but it's not documented proof!

** This Thomas and Elizabeth listed above are also recorded as being the parents of a Honor Finn born 6 Jan 1794
which could make her a sibling of Michael.
There is also some recent findings of a Patrick Fin & a Margaret Fin that are looking like possible sibling links 
to this Michael.  There is also a possible Catherine Fin (record almost unreadable) sponsor to Margaret Fin born