Ed Finn's Genealogy

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Margaret Callaghan
Birth Date:   abt 1799 
Birth Place:   Ireland 
(based upon Ireland GRO death record)
recorded age as 72 at death
Death Date:   28 Mar 1871 
(Ireland GRO death record)
      Pat Finn - Residence Lisduff - present at death
      from Lisduff
Deceased age at death:
      72 yrs
Address at death:
Marital status at death:
      7 Apr 1871
Father's Name:    unknown 
 Mother's Name:    unknown 
Spouse:   Michael Finn 
Marriage Date:  <1819 
(Based upon the birth of their first child)
 Residence:  1819-1830 Grallagh, Co. Roscommon
1835-1871 Lysgarrow (alias Lisduff) Co. Roscommon
 Siblings:  unknown
 Children:  Thomas Finn (b. 1819)
Honor Finn (b. 1822)
Edward Finn (b. 1824)
Michael Finn (b. 1826)
Henry "Harry" Finn (b. 1827)
Luke Finn (b. 1830)
Patrick Finn (b 1835)
Margaret Finn (b. 1836)
 Additional Info: