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Michael Crean
Birth Date:   abt 1796 
Birth Place:   Fairymount, Co Roscommon, Ire 
(based upon the GRO death record in 1874 which listed his age as 78)
Baptism Date:   unknown 
Death Date:   1874 
(Ireland GRO civil death record)
Father's Name:    unknown 
 Mother's Name:    unknown 
Spouse:   Mary Corcoran 
Marriage Date:  5 Feb 1837 
(Loughglynn RC Parish Marriage record)
      Patrick Corkran
      Patrick Crean
 Residence:  Fairymount, Tibohine, Co. Roscommon, Ireland
 Siblings:  unknown
 Children:  Patrick Crean (c. 1838)
Bridget Crean (c. 1850)
Catherine Crean (c. 1853)
Mary Crean (c. 1855)
John Crean (c. 1857)
Michael Crean (c. 1860)
 Additional Info:
The marriage record used the spelling of "Corkran" for Mary's surname.

The marriage witness listed as Patrick Crean does appear to be "Patrick", however I suppose there
is the possibility that it might be "Patricia".