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Mary Corcoran
Birth Date:   1820 
Birth Place:   Fairymount, Tibohine, Co. Roscommon, Ire 
(Loughglynn RC Baptism Record)
Baptism Date:   11 Jan 1820 
(Loughglynn RC Baptism Record)
* * * Record Info * * *
      Residence: Fairymount
      Father: Patrick Corkran
      Mother: Bridget Kelly
      Sponsor1: Eugene Hart
      Sponsor2: Catherine Regan
Death Date:   14 Mar 1887 
(GRO Civil Death Record)
* * * Record Info * * *
      Deceased Name: Mary Creane
      Date of Death: 14 Mar 1887
      Deceased Status: Married
      Deceased Profession: Wife of a farmer
      Deceased Residance: Fairymount
      Deceased Age at death: 67
      Cause of Death: Debility 7 days no medical attendant
      Informant: Catherine Finn, daughter present at death
      Informant Residence: Lisduff
      Registration Date: 21 Mar 1887
Father's Name:   Patrick Corcoran 
(Loughglynn RC Baptism Record for Mary)
See "Baptism Date" above.
 Mother's Name:   Bridget Kelly 
(Loughglynn RC Baptism Record for Mary)
See "Baptism Date" above.
Spouse:   Michael Crean 
Marriage Date:  5 Feb 1837 
(Loughglynn RC Parish Marriage Record)
      Patrick Corkran
      Patrick Crean
 Residence:  1820: Fairymount, Tibohine, Co. Roscommon
 Siblings:  Elizabeth Corcoran (b. 1822)
Bernard Corcoran (b. 1824)
James Corcoran (b. 1825)
Catherine Corcoran (b. 1830)
Patrick Corcoran (b. 1833)
Honor Corcoran (b. 1835)
Martin Corcoran (b. 1837)
John Corcoran (b. 1840)
 Children:  Patrick Crean (c. 1838)
Thomas Crean (b. ~1841)
Bridget Crean (c. 1850)
Catherine Crean (c. 1853)
Mary Crean (c. 1855)
John Crean (c. 1857)
Michael Crean (c. 1860)
 Additional Info:
The informant for the death of Mary Crean was her daughter Catherine Crean Finn, my (Ed Finn)
great grandmother.

The surname spelling for Mary in the Church Marriage record was "Corkran" which is a very common
variant spelling used in this area of Roscommon.  Her father was also listed by the same spelling
in her baptism record.