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Maria Piramide
Birth Date:   27 Mar 1863 
Birth Place:   Modugno, Italy 
(Modugno, Bari, Italy Birth Record)
Death Date:   Abt 1944 
(Family Input)
Father's Name:   Raffaele Tarantino 
(Modugno Birth Record and strong family input)
 Mother's Name:   Irene Toriano 
(Modugno Birth Record and strong family input)
Spouse:  Luigi Ruccia 
Marriage Date:  27 Apr 1892 
(Modugno marriage record)
Information in record...
      Date of marriage: 27 Apr 1892
      Groom's name: Luigi Ruccia
      Groom's age: 25
      Groom's residence: Modugno, Italy
      Groom's father: Antonio Ruccia
      Groom's mother: Angela Mondelli
      Bride's name: Maria Piramide
      Bride's age: 29
      Bride's residence: Modugno, Italy
      Bride's father: unknown
      Bride's mother: unknown
 Residence:  Modugno, Bari, Italy
 Siblings:  Francesco Toriano (b. 1865)
Anna Cristallino (b. 1872)
Giuseppe Pompieri (b. 1883)
 Children:  Lorita Ruccia
Antonio Ruccia (b. 1892)
Angela Ruccia (b. 1894)
Irene Ruccia (b. 1898)
 Additional Info:
As can be seen in the above marriage record for Maria, her spouse's parents names
are given as Antonio Ruccia & Angela Mondelli.

The data contained in this record is a result of the research performed by my cousin
Giacomo Toriano in Italy.