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Anna Cristallino
Birth Date:   26 Jul 1872 
Birth Place:   Modugno, Bari, Italy 
(Modugno, Italy Birth Record and strong family input)
Death Date:   unknown 
Father's Name:   Raffaele Tarantino 
(Modugno, Italy Birth Record and strong family input)
 Mother's Name:   Irene Toriano 
(Modugno, Italy Birth Record and strong family input)
Spouse:  Pier Giuseppe Colombo 
Marriage Date:  12 Dec 1894 
(Modugno, Italy Marriage Record)
*** Record Information ***
      Marriage Date: 12 Dec 1894
      Groom's name: Pier Giuseppe Colombo
      Groom's age: 23
      Groom's occupation: Carpenter
      Groom's residence: Modugno
      Groom's father: Giovanni Colombo from Modugno
      Groom's Mother: Francesca DeNapoli from Modugno
      Bride's name: Anna Cristallino
      Bride's age: 22
      Bride's occupation: Domestic
      Bride's residence: Modugno
      Bride's father: unknown (see additional info below)
      Bride's mother: unknown (see additional info below)
 Residence:  Modugno, Bari, Italy
 Siblings:  Maria Piramide (b. 1863)
Francesco Toriano (b. 1865)
Giuseppe Pompieri (b. 1883)
 Children:  Francesca Colombo (b. 1896)
Giovan Battista Colombo (b. 1899)
 Additional Info:
The data contained in this record is a result of the research performed by my cousin
Giacomo Toriano in Italy.  Although none of the official records provide the names of
Anna's parents, it was a well known fact to the elder's in the family that Anna's
father was Raffaele Tarantino and her mother was Irene Toriano. And though they never
got married they lived together in Modugno and raised their 4 children there.