Ed Finn's Genealogy

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Leo Joseph Finn
Birth Date:   18 Jun 1914 
Birth Place:   Middletown, N.J. 
(New Jersey Birth Record)
Death Date:   14 Nov 1993 
(Death information supplied by Leo's son John Finn)
Father's Name:   Patrick Joseph Finn 
(New Jersey Birth Record for Leo)
 Mother's Name:   Bridget Agnes Daly 
(New Jersey Birth Record for Leo)
Spouse:   Lilly McElroy 
Marriage Date:  7 Sep 1938 
{Marriage information supplied by Lilly's son John Finn)
 Residence:  Middletown, New Jersey
Brooklyn, New York
Atlanta, Georgia
Clearwater, Florida
 Siblings:  Thomas Finn (b. 1916)
Edward A. Finn (b. 1918)
 Children:  John Joseph Finn (b. 1940)
Mary Theresa Finn (b. 1943)
Leo "Butch" Finn Jr. (b. 1946)
 Additional Info:
The following information was obtained from Leo's wife Lily during a trip to Florida in November of 1994.
Leo's first job was working in the Emigrant Bank of N.Y.  He worked as a pageboy until he was laid off,
and then got a job in Kelly's as an accountant.

Mrs. Haskell (employer of Leo's father) wrote a letter of recommendation to General Motors, which resulted
in Leo getting an interview and obtaining the job that he kept for the remainder of his working career.

As per Leo's son John Finn, Leo moved to Brooklyn, N.Y. and lived with his aunt Anna Daly and attended
college at that time working towards a degree in accounting.  The exact time period of his residence with
Anna Daly is not known, but it would have been just prior to getting married in 1938.  I think it would be
safe to assume that Leo met his future wife, Lily McElroy through Lily's sister Mary McElroy who was
married to Patrick Daly.