Ed Finn's Genealogy

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Edward Arthur Finn
Birth Date:   16 Jul 1918 
Birth Place:   Middletown, N.J. 
(New Jersey Birth Certificate)
Death Date:   27 Sep 1984 
(New Jersey Death Certificate)
Father's Name:   Patrick Joseph Finn 
(New Jersey Birth Certificate for Edward A. Finn)
 Mother's Name:   Bridget Agnes Daly 
(New Jersey Birth Certificate for Edward A. Finn)
Spouse:   Estelle Theresa Pombiere 
Marriage Date:  11 Jun 1938* 
Married in Union Beach, New Jersey
(New Jersey Marriage Certificate)
 Residence:  **1918-1984 - Middletown, New Jersey
 Siblings:  Leo Patrick Finn (b. 18 Jun 1914)
Thomas J. Finn (b. 6 Mar 1916)
 Children:  Edward Patrick Finn (b. 1940)
 Additional Info:
* Edward and Estelle were first married in a civil ceremony in Union Beach,
New Jersey on 11 Jun 1938. They were later married in St. Joseph's Church,
Keyport, New Jersey on 18 Dec 1938.
** Although Edward spent all of his civilian life living in Middletown, NJ,
he did have some extended periods of time in other locations while working
for the Government and then while in the Army Air Corp.  These temporary
residences included Rehobeth Beach, Delaware; Massachusetts; Texas; Georgia;
Middletown, PA; and Toronto, Canada.