Ed Finn's Genealogy

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Thomas Joseph Finn
Birth Date:   06 Mar 1916 
Birth Place:   Middletown, New Jersey 
(New Jersey Birth Record)
Death Date:   07 Aug 1922 
(New Jersey Death Record)
Father's Name:   Patrick Joseph Finn 
(New Jersey Birth Record)
 Mother's Name:   Bridget Agnes Daly 
(New Jersey Birth Record)
Spouse:  Died at age 6 
Marriage Date:   
 Residence:  Middletown, New Jersey
 Siblings:  Leo Finn (b. 1914)
Edward Finn (b. 1918)
 Children:  none
 Additional Info:
From the Red Bank Register (Aug 9, 1922) the following report was copied...
"Thomas Joseph Finn aged six years, son of Patrick Finn of Chapel Hill, was drowned Monday afternoon in Dewitt's
ice pond near his home.  The boy's father is a gardener on J. Amory Haskell's place.  Thomas, with an older
brother, was playing near the pond.  The boys found a plank which they used as a raft to paddle about the pond,
which is four feet deep.  The plank overturned while Thomas was on it and he sank and drowned.  Dr. W. D. Sayre
and Dr. Frank Lawes of Red Bank went to Chapel Hill with a pulmotor to try to save the boy's life, but they were
too late."