Ed Finn's Genealogy

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Estelle Theresa Pombiere
Birth Date:   11 Oct 1917 
Birth Place:   Toronto, Ontario, Canada 
(Canada Birth Certificate for Estelle)
Death Date:   1 Apr 2010 
(New Jersey Death Certificate)
Father's Name:   Joseph Pombiere 
(Canada Birth Certificate for Estelle)
 Mother's Name:   Vincenza (Julia) Argent 
(Canada Birth Certificate for Estelle)
Immigration Date:  14 Jun 1935
(Canadian Border Crossing Port of Buffalo, New York)
Naturalization Date:  6 Jul 1948
(U.S. Certificate of Naturalization)
Spouse:   Edward A. Finn 
Marriage Date:  11 Jun 1938* 
(New Jersey Marriage Certificate)
*(St. Josephs RC Church Marriage Certificate)
 Siblings:  Irene Pombiere (b. 1909)
Annie Pombiere (b. 1911)
Florence Pombiere (b. 1913)
Fred Pombiere (b. 1914)
Joseph Pombiere (b. 1923)
Irene Pombiere (b. 1925)
 Children:  Edward P. Finn (b. 1940)
 Additional Info:
* Estelle and Eddie were first married in a civil ceremony in Union Beach, New Jersey
on 11 Jun 1938 and later married in St. Josephs RC Church, Keyport, NJ on 18 Dec 1938.
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Estelle came to Union Beach, N.J. to visit her Aunt (Flora Romanello), and help her
with her ailing husband who eventually passed away in August 1936. Estelle stayed
with her Aunt Flora and got a job working in Eisener's clothing factory. Aunt Flora
invited Estelle to a company picnic for the workers at Marlboro hospital (where Flora
worked) and there she met Eddie Finn, who also worked at Marlboro. Eddie played the
guitar, sang and swept her off her feet.