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James Daly
Birth Date:   25 Nov 1866 
Birth Place:   Kilmurry, Co Monaghan, Ire 
(Ireland GRO Birth Record)
* * * GRO Birth Record Info * * *
   Birth Date: 25 Nov 1866
   Birth Place: Kilmurry, Donaghmoyne, Co. Monaghan, Ire.
   Father: Joseph Daly farmer from Kilmurry
   Mother: Bridget Shevlan
   Informant: Joseph Daly Father from Kilmurry
   Registration Date: December 14, 1866
Baptism Date:   18 Nov 1866 
(Baptismal record from the Parish of Inniskean)
      Baptism Date: 18 Nov 1866 (This date conflicts with the GRO birth date)
      Father: Joseph Daly
      Mother: Bridget Shevlin
            Patrick Daly
            Catherine Daly
Death Date:   19 Sep 1942 
(Ireland GRO Death Record)
Residence at death:
      Bridgit Feeron [Fearon} - Niece
      Informant Residence - Kilmurry
      Registered - 27 Oct 1942
Father's Name:   Joseph Daly 
(Baptismal record from the Parish of Inniskean)
 Mother's Name:   Bridget Shevlin 
(Baptismal record from the Parish of Inniskean)
Spouse:  never married 
Marriage Date:   
 Siblings:  Thomas Daly (b. 1855)
Patrick Daly (b. 1857)
Joseph Daly (c. 1859)
Mary Daly (b. 1860)
Catherine Daly (c. 1863)
Arthur Daly (b. 1864)
Anna Daly (b. 1869)
Helen Daly
Bridget Daly (b. 1874)
 Children:  none
 Additional Info:
During a vacation trip to Ireland in 1996, my cousin Pat Daly informed me that James had fallen off the
roof of a house and permanently injured his back.  James was confined to a wheelchair for the rest of
his life.  Pat was also of the opinion that James never married.

The following information was obtained by a researcher (George O'Reilly) and was supplied by the Royal
  James Daly of Culloville admitted on 18 Feb 1896 at age 27.
  His occupation was given as "farmers son".
  He was a paraplegic from age 11.
  He was dismissed from the hospital on 13 Jun 1940.

James was written up in the book "History of the O'Daly's" as being a major contributor.  This book 
was published in 1937, so it would appear that his contributions came while he was in the hospital.

The GRO civil death record for James indicated he died a bachelor.