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Joseph Daly
Birth Date:   1859 
Birth Place:   Kilmurry, County Monaghan, Ireland 
(Inniskeen Parish Birth Record and family input from cousin Pat Daly)
Baptism Date:   6 Jun 1859 
(Inniskeen Parish Birth Record)
      Dermott Daly
      Cath. Daly
Death Date:   unknown 
Father's Name:   Joseph Daly 
(Inniskeen Parish Birth Record)
 Mother's Name:   Bridget Shevlin 
(Inniskeen Parish Birth Record)
Immigration Date:  1894
(1905 NY State census)
      Indicates year of immigration as 1893
(1910 U.S. census for New York)
      Indicates year of immigration as 1894
Naturalization Date:  * unknown
(see additional info on naturalization)
Spouse:  Bridget Harvey 
Marriage Date:  8 Oct 1914 
(Joseph's original baptism record was updated
to show his marriage to Bridget)
      Patt Daly
      Alice Harvey
 Siblings:  Thomas Daly (b. 1855)
Patrick Daly (b. 1857)
Mary Daly (b. 1860)
Catherine Daly (c. 1863)
Arthur Daly (b. 1864)
James Daly (c. 1866)
Anna Daly (b. 1869)
Helen Daly
Bridget Daly (b. 1874)
 Children:  unknown
 Additional Info:
* Joseph was found enumerated in the 1905 New York census and the 1910 U.S. census living with his brother
Patrick Daly and sister Annie Daly at 301 West 144th St. Manhattan, New York.  Perhaps the most interesting
thing in the 1910 census is that Joseph is listed as “Na” meaning that he was naturalized which also seems
to indicate that he most likely had no intentions at that time of returning permanently to Ireland.  I have
been unable to find any confirmed entry for Joseph in any U.S. census record after 1910.

There is a possibility that the Patt Daly listed as a witness for the marriage of Joseph to Bridget Harvey
could be the Patrick Daly son of Thomas Daly and would have been age 18 in 1914.  This Patrick Daly did not
leave for the U.S. until 1918.

Joseph obviously returned to Ireland from the U.S. in order to marry Bridget Harvey in 1914.  My cousin Pat
Daly believes there were no children from this marriage