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Mary Daly
Birth Date:   1860 
Birth Place:   Kilmurry, Donaghmoyne, Co Monaghan, Ire 
(Innishkeen parish baptism record)
Baptism Date:   21 Jan 1860 
(Innishkeen parish baptism record)
      Bernard ?
      Mary ?
Death Date:   9 Apr 1883 
(Letter written by Bridget Shevlin to Joseph in Prison and
personal viewing of headstone in St. Mary's cemetery)
(Ireland GRO Civil Death Record)
Place of death:
      Keeneraboy, County Monaghan
      Peter McKenna - husband present at death
      from Keeneraboy
      28 Apr 1883
Father's Name:   Joseph Daly 
(Innishkeen parish baptism record for Mary)
 Mother's Name:   Bridget Shevlin 
(Innishkeen parish baptism record for Mary)
Spouse:   Peter McKenna 
Marriage Date:  16 Feb 1882 
(Ireland GRO Civil Marriage Record}
      RC Chapel of Inniskeen
Age at marriage:
      Groom: 26 yrs; Bride: 19 yrs.
      Patrick Hughes
      Mary Brennan
Groom's father-address:
      Thomas McKenna(deceased)-Keeneraboy
Bride's father-address:
      Joseph Daly-Kilmurry
 Siblings:  Thomas Daly (b. 1855)
Patrick Daly (b. 1857)
Joseph Daly (c. 1859)
Catherine Daly (c. 1863)
Arthur Daly (b. 1864)
James Daly (c. 1866)
Anna Daly (b. 1869)
Helen Daly
Bridget Daly (b. 1874)
 Children:  Anne McKenna (b. 8 Dec 1882) twin
Thomas McKenna (b. 8 Dec 1882) twin
 Additional Info:
After Mary's death in 1883, Peter remarried to Catherine Coleman on 22 Feb 1882 (GRO Civil
Marriage Record).

There is a slight conflict between the dates given for Mary's death between the headstone
and the GRO Death Record. Headstone: 9 Apr 1883 & GRO record: 8 Apr 1883.

It would appear that the recorded age for Mary's marriage was incorrect and should have been
22 yrs.  Additionally the recorded age in her death record should have been 23 yrs.