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Arthur Daly
Birth Date:   5 May 1864 
Birth Place:   Kilmurry, Co Monaghan, Ire 
(Info from Cousin Pat Daly & Ireland GRO Birth Record)
* * * GRO Birth Record Info * * *
   Birth Date: 5 May 1864
   Birth Place: Kilmurry, Donaghmoyne, Co Monaghan, Ire.
   Father: Joseph Daly farmer from Kilmurry
   Mother: Bridget Shevland
   Informant: Father Joseph Daly of Kilmurry
   Registration Date: 23 May 1864
Baptism Date:   unknown 
Death Date:   13 Jan 1936 
(Info from Cousin Pat Daly & Ireland GRO death record)
Father's Name:   Joseph Daly 
(Info from Cousin Pat Daly & LDS Ireland births and baptisms)
 Mother's Name:   Bridget Shevlin 
(Info from Cousin Pat Daly & LDS Ireland births and baptisms)
Immigration Date:  9 Dec 1907
(Passenger Ship List aboard the SS Lusitania)
Spouse:  never married 
Marriage Date:   
 Residence:  Kilmurry, Co. Monaghan
 Siblings:  Thomas Daly (b. 1855)
Patrick Daly (b. 1857)
Joseph Daly (c. 1859)
Mary Daly (b. 1860)
Catherine Daly (c. 1863)
James Daly (c. 1866)
Anna Daly (b. 1869)
Helen Daly
Bridget Daly (b. 1874)
 Children:  none
 Additional Info:
The passenger ship manifest for Arthur indicated he was going to visit his brother Joseph at 301 West
144 St. NYC.  This is the address that was used by Joseph in both the 1905 NY State & 1910 U.S. census.
It would appear that Arthur's trip to the U.S. was a relatively short stay as he was back in Kilmurry
for the 1911 Ireland census.  Additionally, his brother Joseph was back in Ireland in 1914 and got
married to Bridget Harvey in that year.

Arthur age 35 was enumerated in the 1901 Ireland census with his father Joseph age 75.  Arthur age 38 (sic)
was enumerated in the 1911 Ireland census as the head of household as his father passed away in 1903.