Ed Finn's Genealogy

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Patrick Joseph Finn
Birth Date:   25 Feb 1878 
Birth Place:   Lisduff, Co. Roscommon, Ire 
(Ireland GRO birth record)*
Baptism Date:   22 Feb 1878 
(Fairymount Parish Register of Baptisms)*
Death Date:   17 Nov 1958 
Died in Middletown, New Jersey
(Obit posting in Asbury Park Press)
Father's Name:   Patrick Finn 
(Ireland GRO birth record for Patrick Finn)
 Mother's Name:   Catherine Crean 
(Ireland GRO birth record for Patrick Finn)
Immigration Date:  25 Sep 1905
(Port of New York S.S. Teutonic Passenger ship listing)
Naturalization Date:  8 Aug 1921
(Naturalization papers)
Spouse:   Bridget Daly 
Marriage Date:  6 Apr 1913 
(Married in St. James Church, Red Bank, NJ)
(New Jersey Marriage Record)
 Residence:  1878-1901 - Lisduff, Co Roscommon
1901-1905 - Chester, England
1905-1909 - NYC with half-brother Michael
1909-1958 - Middletown, New Jersey
 Siblings:  Michael Finn (half-bro b. 1869)
Honor Finn (half-sis b. 1870)
John Finn (half-bro b. 1872)
James Finn (half-bro b. 1876)
Mary Ann Finn (b. 1880)
Margaret Finn (b. 1884)
Henry Finn (b. 1887)
Thomas Finn (b. 1888)
Delia Finn (b. 1891)
Edward Ned Finn (b. 1893)
 Children:  Leo Finn (b. 1914)
Thomas Finn (b. 1916)
Edward Finn (b. 1918)
 Additional Info:
* There is an obvious conflict with the two recorded dates as Patrick couldn't have been
Baptized before he was born.

Pat Worked in Chester, England as a laborer on a farm.  It is estimated that he worked
there between 1901 to 1905.  Patrick listed Chester as his last place of residence on his
passenger ship listing, so he obviously came directly to the U.S. from Chester.

The exact date of when Patrick left NYC is not known, but Billy Welch informs me that
Patrick came to Middletown and moved in with his sister Margaret who was married to
Thomas Welch.  Margaret and Thomas made a room for Patrick in their cellar.  A review of
Patrick's petition for Naturalization indicates that he had been living in New Jersey
since 20 Sep 1909.  This fact was sworn to and signed by William Kane & Thomas Welch