Ed Finn's Genealogy

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Mary Anne Finn
Birth Date:   25 Oct 1880 
Birth Place:   Lisduff, Tibohine, Co Roscommon, Ire. 
(Ireland GRO Civil birth record)
  Catherine Finn (Mother)
  Registered on 19 Nov 1880
Baptism Date:   unknown 
Death Date:   1 Aug 1900 
(Ireland GRO Civil Death record)
      Maggie Finn (sister) present at death
      Registered on 15 Aug 1900.
Father's Name:   Patrick Finn 
(Ireland GRO Civil birth record for Mary)
 Mother's Name:   Catherine Crean 
(Ireland GRO Civil birth record for Mary)
Immigration Date:  10 May 1900
(Passenger ship list for SS Oceanic)
Naturalization Date:  N/A
Spouse:  never married 
Marriage Date:   
 Residence:  Lisduff, Tibohine, Co Roscommon, Ire.
 Siblings:  Michael Finn (half-bro b. 1869)
Honor "Onie" Finn (half-sis b. 1870)
John Finn (half-bro b. 1872)
James Finn (half-bro b. 1876)
Patrick Finn (b. 1878)
Margaret Finn (b. 1884)
Henry Finn (b. 1887)
Thomas Finn (b. 1888)
Delia "Bridget" Finn (b. 1891)
Edward "Ned" Finn (b. 1893)
 Additional Info:
Mary Anne came to the US on 10 May 1900 and stayed with her half-brother Michael in NYC.
During her very short stay in the US she was enumerated with Michael in the 1900 US Fed.
census on 9 Jun 1900.  She became very sick right after this and returned home to Lisduff
where she died on 1 Aug 1900.

Mary Anne's father was married twice.  His first marriage was to Mary Sharkey and that
marriage produced 4 children which are listed above as half-siblings to Mary Anne.