Ed Finn's Genealogy

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Thomas Joseph Finn
Birth Date:   4 Dec 1888 
Birth Place:   Lisduff, Tibohine, Co Roscommon, Ire. 
(Ireland GRO Civil Birth Record)
  Pat Finn - Father on 15 Dec 1888
Baptism Date:   unknown 
Death Date:   6 Apr 1966 
(Funeral memorial card)
Father's Name:   Patrick Finn 
(Ireland GRO Civil Birth Record for Thomas)
 Mother's Name:   Catherine Crean 
(Ireland GRO Civil Birth Record for Thomas)
Immigration Date:  10 Mar 1912
(Passenger ship manifest on S.S. Baltic)
Naturalization Date:  8 Mar 1944
(U.S. Naturalization papers)
      Edward Kane
      Agnes Kane
Spouse:   Isabella McNamee 
Marriage Date:  24 Jun 1918 
(New Jersey Marriage Record)
      Patrick Finn
      Mary Daly
 Residence:  1888-1912: Lisduff, Co. Roscommon, Ire.
Also worked in Chester, Eng. for a short time.
1912-1966: Chapel Hill Rd. Middletown, New Jersey
 Siblings:  Michael Finn (half-bro b. 1869)
Honor "Onie" Finn (half-sis b. 1870)
John Finn (half-bro b. 1872)
James Finn (half-bro b. 1876)
Patrick Finn (b. 1878)
Mary Ann Finn (b. 1880)
Margaret Finn (b. 1884)
Henry Finn (b. 1887)
Delia Finn (b. 1891)
Edward "Ned" Finn (b. 1893)
 Children:  Catherine "Kitty" Finn (b. 1919)
Margaret "Peggy" Finn (b. 1921)
Thomas "Sonny" Finn (b. 1923)
Mary Elizabeth "Molya" Finn (b. 1925)
Dolores "Doly" Finn (b. 1928)
 Additional Info:
Doly believes that Tommy worked in England for several years before coming to the U.S.  She
believes he stayed at the same place (Chester) that his Brother Pat stayed when he was in
England.  Tommy was listed in both the 1901 and the 1911 Ireland census, so his stay in England
would have to be between 1901 and 1911 (between the age of 12 to 22).  If he went to England
after April 1911 (date of census), he would have been there for less than a year.
Additional info:  Tom Finn's brother Henry provided Tommy's name as the last relative he was
with when he left for the U.S. in 1909, so that puts Tommy there in 1909.

Tom went back to Ireland to visit in 1956.

Tom worked on Haskell's estate during his first years in the U.S.  He worked at the ice pond
cutting ice and hauling it to the ice house for storage.

Tommy met his future wife (Bella) while employed at Haskell's estate.

The Mary Daly who was a witness for the marriage of Tommy & Bella was not related to Patrick
Finn's wife Bridget Daly.