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James Finn
Birth Date:   10 Jun 1875 
Birth Place:   Lisduff, Tibohine, Co Roscommon, Ire. 
(Ireland GRO birth record)
  Michael Finn - present at birth
Registration Date:
  13 Jul 1875
Baptism Date:   7 Jul 1876 
(Tibohine RC Parish baptism record)
      Thomas Corcoran
      Honora Finn
Death Date:   8 Sep 1954 
(Asbury Park Press Obit for James Finn)
Father's Name:   Patrick Finn 
(Ireland GRO birth record)
 Mother's Name:   Mary Sharkey 
(Ireland GRO birth record)
Immigration Date:  1886
(1920 U.S. Census)
Naturalization Date:  1903
(1920 U.S. Census)
Spouse:  Clara Magdaline Schefflin 
Marriage Date:  abt 1902 
(Clara is listed as the mother in all of her children's birth certificates)
Also date of marriage from 1910 US census
 Siblings:  Michael Finn (b. 1869)
Honor Finn (b. 1870)
John Finn (b. 1872)
* Patrick Finn (b. 1878)
* Mary Ann Finn (b. 1880)
* Margaret Finn (b. 1884)
* Henry Finn (b. 1887)
* Thomas Finn (b. 1888)
* Bridget "Delia" Finn (b. 1891)
* Edward "Ned" Finn (b. 1893)
 Children:  Rose "Poly" Finn (b. 1902)
James Robert "Joe" Finn (b. 1904)
Margaret "Maxine" Finn (b. 1906)
Mary Evelyn "Poly" Finn (b. 1909)
John R. "Chappy" Finn (b. 1911)
Michael "Mickey" Finn (b. 1912)
George Albert Finn (b. 1914)
Maude "Pidge" Finn (b. 1916)
 Additional Info:
* These siblings of James were half-brothers & half-sisters from his father's (Patrick Finn)
second marriage to Kate Crean.

in the 1905 NY State census James was enumerated with his brother John Finn and occupation
was listed as city policeman.

The 1910 U.S. census for NY indicates that James & Clara were married abt. 1902

I find it difficult to reconcile the 1 year difference in the GRO birth record (10 Jun 1875)
Vs. the Tibohine RC Parish record of the birth/baptism (13 Jun 1876/7 Jul 1876). Additionally
the GRO birth record was reviewed and sworn to as accurate by Jordon Loughlin deputy registrar
and Patrick Mitchell Superintendent Registrar on 6 Oct 1875.