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Giuseppe Argento
Birth Date:   May 1860 
Birth Place:   Italy 
(1900 U.S. Census)
Death Date:   20 Jan 1951 
In his daughter's home in Union Beach, N.J.
(New Jersey Death Record)
Father's Name:    unknown 
 Mother's Name:    unknown 
Immigration Date:  1888
(1900 U.S. Census)
Naturalization Date:  1896?
(1900 U.S. Census)
The 1900 census lists his citizenship as Na and the 1920 census lists Na in 1896
Spouse:   Anna Bandini 
Marriage Date:  1884 
(1900 U.S. Census)
Most likely in Italy as 1st child born in Italy
 Residence:  1892-1930 Wayne Co., Detroit, Michigan
 Siblings:  unknown
 Children:  Florence Argento (b. 1886)
Josephine Argenti (b. 1892)
Vincenza Argenti (b. 1894)
Anthony Argent (b. 1896)
Sadie Argent (b. 1897)
 Additional Info:
In the early records Giuseppe's surname has shown up as Argento/Argenti/D'Argento/Argent.
In later more modern records the name was recorded as Argent.
Giuseepe's wife died in 1925.
In the 1930 Census Giuseppe was living with his daughter Josephine in Detroit.
Family story tells that Giuseppe left Detroit and went to live with his son "Tony" in N.Y.C.
In the 1940 Census Giuseppe was living in Union Beach with his daughter Florence.
Florence is documented in all records as having been born in Italy.
At the present time every U.S. generated document pertaining to Giuseppe, his wife Anna and
their first child Florence documents their birth place as just "Italy"